Toxic Nutrients

Toxic Nutrients

If you have been on a “junk” fertilizer program, or have imbalanced soil conditions, you are likely having one or more of the following conditions.

1. Poor quality crops with disease, insect and weed pressure (herbicides, and insecticides don’t really solve the problem).

2. Seedlings don’t germinate and emerge quickly (weeds have a lot more vigor than crops)

ALUMINUM (AI) a powerful cation ( + ) which can cause very toxic conditions in a plant. When AI concentration enters the base cation exchange, it seriously affects the soil solution flowing to plant roots!! Salt (NA) concentrations are what make AI soar upward. Heavy 0-0-60 (KCL2) fertilization can cause AI concentration to jump over 10 times! You want disease problems – just activate aluminum with salts. AI is very toxic to soybeans. AI toxicity can develop in soil as low as 2 to 3 ppm. AI affects intake of the two key nutrients – calcium and phosphorus…

“Roots and Soil They go Together”

Good flocculation and aeration of the soil is necessary for a healthy, massive root system. A deep, well developed root system is vital in consistent nutrient uptake! Clay soil particles, humus and roots carry a negative charge, and SHOULD attract the positive cations in the cation base exchange. These cations are held loosely and should be able to be traded easily by Base Exchange and roots.