HA 12 BrochureHA 12 MSDS

Humic Acids

HA-12 contains liquid humic acid extracted from Leonardite.  Humic acid is a naturally occurring organic substance found in soils, coal and peat, resulting from the decomposition of organic matter, particularly dead plants.  It has a high cation exchange capacity which 
serves to chelate (collect) plant food elements and release them as the plant requires. The chelation process holds the nutrients in the soil solution and prevents their leaching and runoff humic acids will improve humus content in the soil for better tilth, water and 
nutrient retention, and soil aeration. Seed germination and plant root and top growth are enhanced.

Trace Minerals

There are more than 70 trace minerals in HA-12. These trace minerals are vitally important to grow healthy high-yield crops. Trace minerals help to create a plant that is more resistant to insect pressure, frost, drought and all other adverse conditions that limit a plants growth.

HA-12 Trace Mineral Benefits

Higher Plant Yields
Higher Protein Levels
Higher Nutritional Values
Disease & Pest Resistance
Stronger Plant Immune System

Plant Hormones & Growth Regulators

Hormones are produced naturally by plants, while plant growth regulators are applied to plants by humans.

Plant hormones and growth regulators are chemicals that affect all aspects of plant growth, including:

Root Growth
Maturity and Fruit Set
Extremely small concentrations of these substances produce major growth changes.

General Use Directions

Pop-Up Starter: Can be applied directly in the row on the seed. At a rate of 1-5 gallons per acre.

Foliar: Can be applied at a rate of 1-2 gallons per acre as needed.

For Best Results: foliar apply to plant in early stages of growth and before each energy need.