Sila-Max Silage Conditioner

Sila-Max Silage Conditioner

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3 Crop Specific Formulas:

Alfalfa – Corn, Sorghum & Small Grain - High Moisture Grain & Earlage

sila-maxSila-Max silage conditioners work by feeding L-form Lactic Acid producing bacteria. The bacteria quickly reproduce and ferment silage packs with a sweet non-toxic fatty acid. This fatty acid also partially digests the silage, making the nutrients more readily available to the animal. The end product, being sweet, is desirable to the animal – usually causing them to lick the bunk clean!

Also, L-Form Lactic Acid is compatible with the animal’s rumen. It causes no digestive upsets and is quickly and naturally turned into propionic acid, further helping the digestive system.

The Sila-Max fermentation process is quick and efficient and changes heat producing trapped oxygen into a non-volatile gas. This keeps the silage pack cool and greatly reduces shrinkage. Sila-Max silages can safely be fed 24 hours after being treated!


When properly applied, Sila-Max silage conditioner is 99.99% effective.

1. Sila-Max allows you to chop silages at higher moisture levels, which makes feeds more palatable.

2. Sila-Max lowers the temperature of the silage pack, resulting in:
A. Keeping sugars less complex and more available.
B. Reducing spoilage and pack shrinkage.

3. The Sila-Max fermentation is sweet, preventing physical problems caused by breathing less desirable fermentation odors such as ammonia or alcohol.

4. Sila-Max silages can sit in the feed bunk on 100 degree days without becoming rancid.

5. Sila-Max’s fermentation process converts nitrates into protein– eliminating nitrate poisoning!

Simply put: Cattle love Sila-Max conditioned silages and it shows in their weight gain!

Sila-Max Silage Conditioner