Pure Bat Guano

Pure Bat Guano

Bat Guano is rich in nutrients, micro-organisms and high levels of organic matter. It is an outstanding natural fertilizer. Our pure bat guano is 100% guano.  This provides a powerful growth enhancing fertilizer that result in extremely healthy plants and greater yields. Our bat guano helps bring out the best flavors and fragrances of plants and herbs.

Our bat guano can be safely used as a fertilizer, for both indoors and outdoors, and will benefit the growth of all plants. Its primary ingredients are a naturally occurring blend of 10% nitrogen (Healthy green color and their rapid growth), 3% phosphorous (promotes root growth and flowering), and 1% potassium (strong thick stems). Guano consists of ammonium oxalate and urate, phosphates, as well as some earth salts. This fertilizer is one of the best sources of naturally occurring macro nutrients for plants and herbs that you can find.

Our Bat Guano is harvested from Caves in Central Texas. This ideal type of bat guano is found in an exceptionally dry climate, which prevents rainwater and underground water sources from leaching the guano of nitrates. When the bats migrate to Mexico for the winter, the bat guano is harvested. The bats are not in the cave during harvesting, which meets with strict standards of Bat Conservation International. Bat guano is typically mined in caves. Guano deposits support a great variety of cave-adapted invertebrate species, which rely on bat feces as their sole nutrient input.

The quality of any specific bat guano depends on variety of variables. Factors influencing the quality as a fertilizer include: The caves type of rock formation and composition, the specific feeding habits of the species of bats producing the guano, the age of the guano, and the mineralization progression in the guano (The bat guano goes through a continual transformation of chemical and biological processes). Bat Guano comes in a wide spectrum of colors that include white, yellow, brown, hazel, gray, black, and red, but the color has no indication or influence on the bat guano fertilizers quality.

A major influence on the quality of the bat guano is derived from the dietary habits of the various species of bats. Some species of bats are vegetarian, eating primarily fruits while others are carnivorous; eating mainly insects and small animals. The type and potency of nitrogen in the guano will be dependent on feeding habits of the bats that the guano is collected.

Another important component of bat guano is large variety of microorganisms that work as decomposers and activators. Primarily they function to accelerate the process of breaking down organic matter in the guano. These beneficial bacteria populations work to increase the guano’s wealth of essential nutrients, and can provide their own benefit to gardeners as a soil inoculant (agricultural amendments that use beneficial microbes to promote plant health).

How Bat Guano is made:

1. First the bats eat insects or fruits.

2. Bats then deposit their dung on cave floor

3. The dung is then eaten by beetles and microbes.

4. The end results are a completely naturally made fertilizer.

There are several important benefits from using bat guano:

1. Soil texture and health is improved.

2. The microbes perform bioremediation that clean up toxic chemicals in the soil.

3. The NPK formulation is typically 10-3-1, making it a very desirable fertilizer.

4. Used as a foliar application, it will provide excellent growth and health to plants.

5. Foliar applications help to eradicate fungus problems.

6. The balance of microbes will help control nematode infestation.

7. Acts as a composting activator (nutrients and microbes speed up decomposition).


A great variety of different agrochemical analysis has been carried out on bat guanos through the years. All the different analysis show that the nutrient and micro-organism content of bat guanos make it the one of the best organic fertilizer. Using bat guano will ensure bigger more bountiful harvests.