MIN-TEC Mineral Package

MIN-TEC Mineral Package

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What Exactly is MIN-TEC?

Sea water is the only known source on earth that has the complete assortment of trace minerals perfectly balanced in a soluble form.

Min Tec Mineral Package

Why Do You Need MIN-TEC?

Soil erosion has reduced many soils to an insufficient and inadequate level of essential trace mineral availability in the soil.

Studies have shown that most soils only provide 12-20 of the 90 available natural minerals.

This lack of minerals in the soil has resulted in:

Poor Plant Nutritional Value

Increased Susceptibility to Pests and Disease

Shorter Shelf Life

Smaller and Inferior Yields

Weakened Plants

Increased Use of Hazardous Chemical Fertilizers to Compensate for the Lack Of Minerals in the Soil

The Lack of Minerals in Our Soil is Proven By the Need for Constant Fertilization.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Feeding My Crops the Perfectly Balanced Minerals from the Ocean?

  • Affordable
  • Higher Plant Yields
  • Higher Test Weights
  • Higher Protein Levels
  • More Profitable Yields
  • Safe to Use On All Crops
  • Higher Nutritional Value
  • Higher Drought Tolerance
  • Disease and Pest Resistance
  • Stronger Plant Immune System
  • Contains Most Trace Minerals Found in Nature.

min-tec mineral package

Is MIN-TEC Affordable?

Because we manufacture, package, and distribute we are able to offer MIN-TEC to farmers at a price well below the competition.  And because of the amazing density and assortment of trace minerals in MIN-TEC all you need is a small application to give the plant all the mineral it needs to grow to its full potential.

The History of MIN-TEC

It is well understood that there are radical health differences between plants and animals found in the sea and those on land. In the ocean, life thrives on a precisely balanced diet of inorganic nutrients while our landlocked environment has been increasingly unable to provide plants and animals with the full complement of minerals necessary for health and longevity.

If a soil is like a mine with its myriad of elements, then whenever man tills it, plants crops and in other ways engages in farming, he is for all practical purposes engaged in the business of mining. Like a miner, the farmer breaks the earth with digging tools, but instead of dynamite, he plants seeds to loosen the minerals and elements from their holding matrix. And finally, he carts away his minerals in the form of food rather than ore.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this mining analogy is that farmers, through conventional fertilizer strategies, often only replace three to six of the total number of elements removed from the soil. The failure to understand the importance of all elements and their role in providing complete, balanced nutrition to plants and animals has resulted in an abundance of food that is great in bulk but low in vitality.

Over six to eight days of growth, wheat grass watered with sea minerals develops a balanced complement of health-giving minerals.

What’s the Answer?

Ocean water holds the perfect balance of nutrients essential for sustaining life. Quantitative analysis of the elements in our blood and those in unadulterated seawater has revealed a strikingly similar profile, including a substantial presence of sodium chloride. It is interesting to note that salt, when in proper balance with other nutrients, is actually beneficial to plant growth.

Sea Minerals from Indonesia Helped Farmers! “We are looking at yields twice as high as last year.

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MIN-TEC Mineral Package