Insects and Disease

Insects and Disease

Have you noticed in the past years that your corn or milo has more stalk rot problems, or maybe more insect infestation? Have you noticed you can’t raise as a high yields as you did a few years ago? THERE IS A REASON WHY… and there is a good chance it is due to your harsh acid/salty fertilizer program. Many destructive funguses (stalk and root rot) thrive in acidic soil conditions. All they ask of you every spring is a broadcast application (on top of the soil incorporate lightly) of nitrogen/phosphates and they will strike again.


1. Cut off their food supply (salt and acids) and restore your soil back to a good biological and nutrient balance. Give nature a chance to work. Use only fertilizers and products that work with “Nature’s living soil”.

2. Return your soil to Natural Balance thru natural calcium, sulfur, phosphorus, etc. This provides your crop with a balanced nutrient meal that will develop a healthy developed plant, with a high natural sugar level that will fight off most insect attacks, and will produce a plant that has natural level of hormones and “balance nutrient” composition that fights off diseases and other insect infestations. WITH NO NEED OF INSECTICIDES, FUNGICIDES, SOIL FUMIGANTS, ETC!!!

REMEMBER: Both insect and disease attack sick plants!! Did you ever see a “SICK” healthy plant?

3. The white corpuscles of our blood system fight diseases, infestations and contaminations; let us call upon nature’s warriors of the soil (biological army of soil life). CAUTION: don’t expect an army to fight that you have killed off with salty or acid fertilizers, anhydrous ammonia, chlorine or other harsh chemicals. So start restoring your soil BIOLOGICALLY by starting a natural green manure rotation (legume and rye). Incorporated with high enzyme corn sugar and a stabilized biological product. The amount of crop residue not decomposed in the soil at planting time can be in direct proportion to the amount of disease and insect carry-over. Therefore, we need a fast decay system working in the FALL after crops are harvested. Our research has seen proven results that a FALL residue spray over the harvested crop stover can promote the best decay system. Spray with 8-12 oz. of corn syrup and a good stabilized Biological Product & supplemental liquid N if needed. (Liq. 28% N with sulfur works best).

REMEMBER: No nutrient of the soil can replace air and biological life in the soil.