Foliar Cal

Foliar Cal

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Foliar CalCleanGreen® FoliarCal is formulated with a 7% calcium base solution that combines our 100% available liquid calcium with a proprietary blend of micronutrients and surfactants. The delivery system employed in FoliarCal sets our product above all the rest in terms of both quality and plant uptake.

When foliar applied FoliarCal is absorbed by the plant and is translocated in the plant. Rapid crop growth can be seen in all stages of plant development and works to increase final crop yield.

Calcium Information

Many products used as soil amendments or fertilizer such as lime (calcium carbonate), fertilizers (calcium phosphate), landplaster (calcium sulfate) all contain a portion of calcium. The majority of these contain insoluble or unavailable forms of calcium that are not readily available. Lime for instance, is a poor source of sufficient available calcium. Studies show that lime contains less than 11 lbs. per ton of available calcium; and availability is key. Why spend your money on filler?

Our Calcium is 100% Available! If the calcium is not available it is of absolutely no use to the plant. Your Crops Deserve the Best! Feed them FoliarCal

Available Calcium Determines the Uptake of All Other Nutrients Into the Plant.

Foliar Cal

Calcium is the “trucker” by which all other nutrients in the soil make their way to the plant. If calcium is deficient or the calcium is not available; vital nutrients cannot reach the plant and plant health suffers.

Low concentrations of calcium will result in low yield and overall poor plant growth.

FoliarCal is100% Available Calcium for Remarkable Results!

  • Replaces Traditional Lime Products
  • Plant Friendly and will Not Burn
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake Increases Profits
  • Increases Yields
  • Prevents Calcium Related Disorders
  • Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Handle
  • Increases Drought Tolerance
  • Decreases Disease
  • Improves Cell Wall
  • Balanced pH

Use FoliarCal To Maximize Plant Growth.

Foliar Cal