Huma-Tec Humic Acids and Trace Minerals

Huma Tec

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Huma-Tec Humic Acids and Trace Minerals
(B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn)

Huma-Tec Humic Acids and Trace Minerals

CleanGreen Huma-Tec is an OMRI certified organic liquid product. Huma-Tec contains a 12% humic acid solution that helps correct multiple deficiencies in crops by providing high quality micro nutrients for healthy plants and better yields. Formulated for easy handling and flexible
application, this concentrated liquid is of the highest quality– homogenized and screened through a #100 mesh screen means no plugging of spray nozzles or drip tubes.

CleanGreen Huma-Tec is rich in organic and mineral substances that are essential to plant growth. In addition, Huma-Tec is complexed with humic acids to help prevent metal ions from tie-up by soil particles and conversion to an insoluble form.

CleanGreen Huma-Tec is a versatile product that helps meet the nutritional needs of crops across a broad range of soil conditions, fertility programs and tillage practices. As part of a balanced soil management plan, it nurtures bountiful crops this season and can improve overall soil health.

Application options include broadcast or pivot, as well as banding on the row or in the furrow.

Trace minerals contained in CleanGreen Huma-Tec include:

Boron (B) – Assists in nitrogen and phosphorus use by plants.
Copper (Cu) Chelated – Supports protein synthesis.
Iron (Fe) Chelated – Promotes chlorophyll production and photosynthesis.
Manganese (Mn) Chelated – Contributes to nitrate assimilation.
Molybdenum (Mo) – Aids in nitrogen fixation from air in legume nodules.
Zinc (Zn) Chelated – Promotes seed/grain formation and plant maturity.

CleanGreen Huma-Tec is easily applied with liquid fertilizers and helps retain soluble fertilizers in the root zone for release as needed and also stimulates germination.

Huma-Tec Humic Acids and Trace Minerals

Reduce the salt index of Starter Fertilizers

Another benefit of putting CleanGreen Huma-Tec (1 to 2 quarts) in the starter solution, is its ability to buffer the salinity and toxicity of commercial fertilizers. Most phosphate fertilizers are formulated with ammonia, and seedlings are very sensitive to ammonia toxicity and salt burn from applied fertilizers. By absorbing ammonium and sodium cations, humic acids reduce the toxicity of these fertilizers.

CleanGreen Huma-Tec Application Rates

CleanGreen Huma-Tec is compatible with most fertilizer, herbicide, microbial and enzymatic formulations that are neutral or slightly alkaline in pH. Always jar test.

Soil Application: Broadcast rate of 1 to 2 gal./acre. In furrow rate 1 to 2 qts./acre.

Foliar Applications: A rate of 1 to 2 qts./acre.