Problem Fields

Problem Fields

Do you have a problem field or area of a field?

Is performance down, or are you experiencing stress from disease, weeds, or grass problems?

Consider the following check list:

1. Look for high toxic levels of MG, IRON, ALUMINUM, and SODIUM, etc. A plant tissue test can help determine toxic, unbalanced conditions.

2. Water soluable test may show a soil with a good level of CA (% base saturation), but may be locked up by overpowering nutrients, such as MG, IRON, ALUMINUM & NA. Did you know traditional chemical products Kill & suppress the rhizosphere bacteria (humus). Calcium can become locked in the soil by Iron & Aluminum.

3. Problem fields usually show little or no EARTHWORM and BIOLOGICAL LIFE ACTIVITY. A microbial activity test (enzyme/energy release test) can be run to determine actual soil life activity. This type of test can be used to monitor Biological Products and tillage responses.

4. Many of our problems are due to the past history of regularly used deadly chemicals and harsh fertilizers. Toxic conditions have built up and created a real problem for the growing plants. Our soils need to be cleansed or purged, to restore the soil life for healthy plant growth. May our objective for the next few years be HOW TO FARM CHEMICAL FREE!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all farmers could farm without harsh, deadly herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.

5. Many problem areas of our fields are due to compaction, we over work our soil”, we work it too WET… We use the wrong tillage equipment. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU WORK YOUR SOIL!! Once we damage the physical conditions of our soil—SOIL LIFE SUFFERS. The soil goes anaerobic for the lack of OXYGEN, therefore beneficial BIOLOGICAL LIFE suffers and plants have a poor, shallow root system. Both can mean poor performing crops.