Panakite Mineral List

Panakite (Montmorillonite) Mineral List

U.S. Ag Florida, Inc. has compiled from its manufacturers’ files and customers certain test results from various samples over the years of the colloidal Montmorillonite referred to Panakite. These have revealed to date a content of 78 different elements, enriching organic matter, and many different ions and interesting mineral combinations. Useful, if not life-enhancing, properties have been discovered and observed in the 27 elements listed in the Trace Mineral Benefits section. We still do not know all of the advantages produced by these and the balance of the trace minerals that we sell.



Green = essential element for some or most plants
Red = essential trace mineral for humans*
Fuchsia = essential trace mineral for livestock and pets**
Black BOLD = macro mineral essential to both humans and animals
Underlined Black = electrolyte essential to all animal life
Plain Black = unconfirmed application to human and/or animal nutritional needs

* Chlorine and Fluorine are noted in their elemental gaseous state. In U.S. Ag Florida’s minerals, these elements combine with other elements to produce the minerals Chloride and Fluoride.

Fluorite, a crystal resembling a translucent rock is yet another compound of Fluorine. Also note that Oxygen is also required by animal life, but is a gas and therefore not a mineral. Besides, we all need it in “macro” amounts.


** Livestock and pets also need the minerals listed in red.


The pie chart below depicts 8 of the major minerals that the reports on file suggest are prevalent in the form of Montmorillonite offered as Panakite. Values are stated as averages of the percentages revealed in the aforesaid studies which span five decades of testing.


Disclaimer: U.S. Ag Florida, Inc., the company, makes no representations nor warranties, express or implied, about the product’s attributes, contents, chemical composition or benefits to humans, animals or plants, from ingestion or consumption, or by absorption, whether or not blended, refined, or in some other way processed by customer. All product purchased from company shall be “as is” in its raw state, without limitation to prior experience, oral understandings, or studies made by analysts, claims of other customers or by any of the prior management/owners over the years. Customer recognizes that the actual composition of trace minerals may vary significantly from one load to the next due to differing strata and concentrations from which the materials are quarried from time to time, and due to the manufacturer’s unsophisticated blending methods.