CleanGreen Formula 14 Complete Foliar Package

CleanGreen Formula 14 Complete Foliar Package

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CleanGreen F14 is a revolutionary fertility product that combines the very best portions of nutrition to the plant for phenomenal results. Our product has knocked back all other fertility products to a distant 2nd place.

There is simply no other product on the market that can compete with F14!

F14 complete foliar package

14% Slow Release Nitrogen
Trace Minerals
Humic Acid
Growth Hormones
High-end Sugars
Organic Surfactant

PLUS F14 Contains a Full Rate of our best selling product C4!

F14 complete foliar package

All-In-One Performance

CleanGreen F14 is effective, clean and earth friendly!

Complete Foliar Package

Formula 14 has set the bar for the best foliar feed product on the market!

Bigger Better Yields Through Proper Nutrition

Call Us Today & Let F14 Work for You!